Top 28 Quotes on Sustainable Development

Sustainable development simply means securing social equity, justice, and economic development. It means creating provisions to cater to the needs of us and our future generations. It’s time we change our unsustainable ways into more sustainable ones. Check out our top 28 sustainable development quotes to understand the concept better.

Gender equality is a necessary condition for sustainable development.

Climate change will be effectively managed only when we embrace sustainable development.

Women play an important role in sustainable development and national interests.

With women, we can achieve sustainable development and build a healthy world.

Push yourself to do what’s right.

We can only combat the adverse effects of climate change and dwindling resources through sustainable development.

Gender equality is of the utmost importance to sustainable development.

Sustainable development is beneficial to both the present and future generations.

It’s time to build a sustainable development model.

Sustainable development must become our reality.

Sustainable development requires everyone’s efforts.

Sustainability is the production of value or no production at all.

Economic stability and world unity can only be achieved through environmental sustainability.

We can be sustainable and we just have to choose it.

Sustainable development preaches meeting present needs while preserving resources for the future.

We must all stop environmental degradation and excess use of resources.

Let’s choose sustainable development to save Earth and our children.

It’s one of the best education for sustainable development quotes.

Make a difference with actions towards sustainable development.

Direct all your efforts and resources towards achieving sustainable development.

Sustainable development is natural conservation.

We are responsible for other animals too.

We need to do more towards sustainable development.

We can only fight global warming through individual, yet unified effort.

We must commit to sustainability.

Earth is too precious to be destroyed.

We are killing our planet.

Every person can make a difference for sustainable development.

We hope you enjoyed our assortment of the top 28 quotes on sustainable development. We have been damaging the environment to provide for ourselves better and have polluted the Earth and destroyed many natural resources in doing so. All of that must stop if we wish to provide for our future generations as well.

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