The 50 Cutest Funny Love Quotes

Despite all the hardships that lovers must go through to make their relationship work at its finest, there’s always room for fun! These entertaining and funny quotes about love can represent and capture some of the sweet moments of relationships.

I will always try my best to keep you with a smile…and maybe also a bruise.

You’re my best entertainment.

I promise to be nice to you, and you promise to feed me.

It’s a win-win situation.

You’re all mine, and I love it.

I love that there’s no space between us, unless…

You’re the reason I’m fat!

You know what they say, sharing is caring.

I recommend that you stay by me 25 hours a day.

I’ll steal it, just like you stole my heart.

That’s when I realized I’m in trouble for loving you.

It never hurts to have some dessert.

I love being married to you.

I need your warmth.

You’re my favorite singer.

If you can’t take me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.

I’m never going anywhere, sweetheart.

Love stories are little different than the movies.

If you ever think my taste is bad, think twice, my dear.

I’m obsessed with you like a geek obsessed with his laptop.

It was the best fall, though.

You make me feel like a princess the whole time.

You always ruin my seriousness moments!

Yes, we sometimes over-express our feelings in public.

I’ll never let you go!

You can be such a lovable douchebag.

I’m sorry if I hurt you; but you’ve been warned.

Sweetheart, I’m a bit scared of you.

You must believe your gl is the most beautiful woman in the world.

I should’ve tested your patience!

I love you for who you are.

Yesterday was not a good one for us, but I still love you.

You’re too precious to be true. You deserve true love.

You made sure you are the only one for me; you are a sneaky little pumpkin.

But I’ll open it for you as long as I’m able to.

Luck is on our side; and love is the definite result.

You’re my guilty pleasure.

A man’s love is represented by his belly.

And. I hope he doesn’t tell you how to get rid of it!

I love it when you’re jealous.

Love can be expensive sometimes.

I guess you didn’t look close enough.

You are such a soft monster.

I’m just saying… I’m kidding, I love you.

You are my mind-reader.

Don’t make a criminal, please.

Love isn’t overpriced, but the less it costs, the better.

I can’t control my actions when you are around.

You keep me up all night, and it is negatively affecting my sleep pattern.

You are the only one I see in the crowds.

If you loved these funny quotes about love and how they expressed the cute situations between actual lovers, then send them to her or to him already! There’s enough for everyone. And remember, true love isn’t easy to live with; but shouldn’t be too hard to endure. Therefore, make sure you embrace every little funny and cute moment between the two of you.

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