Quotes for Men to Guide Them

It’s a common mindset across most of the cultures around the world that men are the stronger gender. Therefore, they can look after themselves no matter what and they are not expected to show any signs of vulnerability or weakness. Despite modern times proving this notion wrong, it’s still very common for the modern man to feel alone, lost, and under too much pressure. It’s important for men to inspire and emotionally support themselves and their peers.

Therefore, to give you the best of guidance, we’ve come up with a list of man quotes by some of the smartest and most successful men in history.

Do not hide your weaknesses, instead turn them into your strengths.

Men’s emotions, like everyone else’s, has its own ups and downs.

A real man always keeps his words.

A real man is respected for what he gives to the world, not what he takes from it.

It’s mostly the strong men who are gentle, kind, and forgiving.

Men have and always can achieve whatever they put their mind into.

Whenever there is greed, there is also the power to overcome it.

Men often disappoint, dogs don’t.

It’s sometimes better surrounding yourself with dogs rather than men.

The average dog is always more loyal than the average man.

A man must be decisive, otherwise, he isn’t a man at all.

Man has used and abused other animals for his benefit.

A good man will never beat or torture other animals.

When life gets tough, look within yourself.

Always be honest, despite the consequences.

A lie negatively impacts your self-esteem, which will ultimately destroy your personality.

A moment of laughter can make life seem beautiful even in hard times.

Music and dance are two of the best stress relievers.

Our ignorance is our own doing. We should strive to consistently increase our knowledge and awareness.

Real men don’t just talk, they take action.

A man who smiles during tough times is brave.

A man who cares for his woman doesn’t have time for other women.

A man who wants to succeed in life looks for the right woman.

Immature men run after every woman they find while real men stick to one.

A real man chooses one woman and makes it his mission to make her feel special all the time.

A strong woman compliments a real man, and vice versa.

A man is young as long as he thinks he is. The moment he stops thinking this, he becomes old.

Having a child is man’s blessing from God.

The potential of a man is unlimited, most of us just don’t know it yet.

A smart man asks the right question and a brave man dares to question.

We hope these man quotes from some of the smartest and most successful people in history give you the inspiration and wisdom to pull you through whatever you may be going through. The gist of all these quotes is to stay strong, faithful, and question all societal norms. It is often these norms that limit our potential and breaking out of them has allowed most of the greatest discoveries the world has ever seen. Moreover, respecting and caring for each other, not just humans but also animals, is what makes a man a man.

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