Life Is Not Easy Quotes

We often think only our life is not easy, but it is not reality. These words from successful people tell us everyone has to deal with challenges of life but one who is courageous wins.

These “life is not easy” quotes would motivate you to do more.

Push forward in life with determination and self-confidence.

The essence of life is to create good from evil.

No matter how hard life is, do hard work, and stay consistent.

Seek to get stronger from the challenges you face.

Life as an adult is definitely not easy.

Your hard life is someone else’s dream.

Learn to live happily with hardships.

People in our lives make life better and easier.

Unlike what advertisements preach, in reality, life is challenging.

Never miss a chance to make others happy.

Our lives are as hard as we make it to be.

Life is a continuous chain of occurrences that progress in difficulty.

What life brings to you isn’t under your control.

Realize and accept that you alone control your destiny.

Life is a blend of good and bad times.

Fearlessness is a virtue that builds up with practice.

Make that move now, there will never be the perfect time to.

The good and bad are fundamental to life.

Transformation takes the challenge.

Great blessings require great challenges and sacrifices.

You are the only one responsible for your life.

Pain in life should motivate us.

Emotional expression is fine, but never give up.

Your will is tested by delays or seemingly overwhelming challenges.

Challenges are the stepping stones to growth.

All hard times will pass, stay courageous.

Make the best of challenges to grow.

The strong-willed endure through hard times.

We don’t control our thoughts but their effects on us.

Life is not easy because you have so many decisions to make.

Now you will not be the one saying my life is not easy as of others. As you know, we all have to face tough times bravely to shine.

So, which one is your life is not an easy quote or mantra? Let us know.

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