Kindness – a Simple Act

Did you know that there is such a thing as World Kindness Day! Well, we didn’t until we started researching different kindness quotes. Why do we need a world kindness day? Does that mean we can’t be kind naturally anymore or that for 364 days of the year we should be unkind? Well, take a look at the quotes we found and think about how kind you are on a daily basis.

Being kind should be second nature to us.

Being kind is something that should just be a part of us.

Being kind creates a sense of community.

We never seem to have enough time to be kind.

Everyone appreciates a little kindness when having a bad day.

We need to be kind to ourselves first.

Kindness quotes usually look at how kindness makes us a better person.

The best kind of person is the one who is kind to people.

Every little act of kindness we do has a great effect on others.

Quotes on kindness sometimes come from people you least expect.

We can spread kindness as we are, it doesn’t take much.

When we do a good deed, we feel pride and happiness.

When we are kind, we feel good about ourselves.

The feeling you get from an act of kindness is unforgettable.

This quote about kindness shows what we earn through being kind.

When you do a kind act then you feel energized to do more.

Kindness quotes come from many sources, even a world-famous pop star.

A quote that shows how being kind brings out the best in people.

An act of kindness towards someone makes that person more likely to be kind.

Being kind shows intelligence.

Being kind to someone can create a ripple that could accomplish a whole lot.

You should always treat people in the same way.

Kindness quotes can be short and to the point.

It is important to always remember when someone is kind.

You don’t have to like the person to be kind to them.

You should never expect kindness in return.

Unfortunately, this quote about kindness is very true.

Kindness makes us smile.

People are truly more beautiful when they are kind.

Any form of kindness makes you beautiful.

Kindness is something that costs nothing but means everything. Everyone deserves a little kindness, as these kindness quotes suggest.

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