40 Motivational Monday Quotes for a Happy Start to the Week

The start of the week can be annoying to some people. However, in order to make it through the week, you need to start fresh. You’ve got to look at your Mondays from a different perspective, and some inspirational Monday quotes may help you get motivated. Take a look at the following Monday quotes and let them motivate you for the better.

All special things happen on Mondays.

Each Monday is the start of a new miracle.

Each day has its own characteristics, and Mondays are the start of every change.

Each Monday morning, remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing.

At the beginning of each week, reset your goals.

Make the most of your Mondays!

Your mood determines your day.

You should fight for your Mondays.

Let your Monday night be as good as Monday morning.

Allow your Monday morning to be full of chances.

Attack each Monday with eagerness.

Fix your Monday attitude.

Be different from everyone else.

Make sure to use your Monday to its maximum.

Monday is a new page in a new chapter.

Don’t let yourself regret your week, or your life.

If you want to positively make it through your Monday, go with the second choice.

You can’t be in-between; each morning you’ve got to decide which side you’re on.

Get up and show up.

Don’t think harder, think smarter; your Monday thoughts will say a lot about you.

Mondays may be rough, but they are not impossible.

Mondays are the truths you don’t want to hear.

Have a fresh start; there’s no harm.

Save your apologies for later.

Business will make you feel alive.

Every Monday is a sparkling Monday.

Pray for your week on Mondays.

Just keep the faith that something great will take place.

Watch your productive Monday grow into a great week.

Open your eyes to the opportunity of Mondays.

Either you beat a Monday, or the Monday beats you.

Be a happy magnet; otherwise, it’s going to be tough.

Mondays are not that bad after all.

Be the sun of every Monday.

Learn to love Mondays.

Mondays are new beginnings for fresh starts.

Change how you think about Mondays.

Just like the day, your problems will vanish.

You have the choice to make your Monday a great Monday.

It’s easy to be gloomy, but it’s better to choose to have a happy Monday.

The above Monday motivation quotes and “Happy Monday” quotes are witty, funny and inspirational. But remember, achieving goals and pursuing dreams require more than just having motivation; you’ll also need determination and effort. So, change how you see you Mondays now.

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