30 You Make Me So Happy Quotes That Will Make You Read Them Again and Again

Many view life as a constant struggle. With seemingly endless concerns at home, in the workplace, with your studies or finances, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed. Lucky you for finding someone who can help you see beyond the turbulence and brighten your gloomy days . The presence of this person to whom you can proudly say that “you make me happy” is no less than a blessing.

Keeping this in mind, we have decided to dedicate this special compilation of 30 you make me so happy quotes for you to read and share with someone or whose presence gives you genuine joy. Here they are:

Your simple acts are enough to make me happy.

I want to reciprocate the feeling of being happy by making you feel the same as me.

Being in your arms makes me feel safe and happy.

Your smile is the only reason I feel happy and contented.

Your presence in my life is enough to make me smile.

It makes me happy by getting the warmth of knowing that I make you happy.

You calling me baby makes me feel fully entitled and happy with life.

Just a thought of you is enough to make me feel happy and contented.

You make me so happy that you’re the first person who comes to my mind when I wake up.

Thinking that I’ll be spending my day with you makes me happy.

You’re the only person who makes me thank God for you being there for me.

You reciprocate the happiness you create in me.

Your whole being and warmth make me feel happy.

Your words of enlightenment makes me feel inspired and happy at the same time.

You make me feel that I’m fine and it makes me happy.

Words are not enough to express my gratitude to you.

Your presence brings a smile on my face which makes you the dearest part of my life.

You are the reason I smile.

Despite difficulties in life, you make me feel happy.

In your absence, those moments I have spent with you make me feel happy.

Sometimes your inner self is enough for you to feel happy.

You trusting me with your important tasks makes me feel happy.

Your personality is enough for me to feel light and happy despite the harsh days.

I wish I could thank you enough for making me happy.

You make me accept and love myself which makes me happy.

My admiration for you will invariably be the same as you make me feel happy with life.

Being in a healthy, loveable relationship makes me so happy.

I think of you, I feel happy and I want you to feel the same.

Just a glimpse of you is enough for me to feel happy.

Smile and happiness go together. Both are genuine and contagious.

We are sure these you make me happy quotes echo your heart’s sentiments for someone who brings you happiness. So, why not share these you make me happy quotes with your loved ones and make them feel the same way you felt by reading these wonderful quotes?

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