30 You Make Me Happy Quotes and Sayings

Nothing compares to the happiness of being with someone you love. These “you make me happy” quotes express what it’s like to have someone in our lives who makes us happy. You can honor the person you love by choosing any of the quotes and sayings we have included here.

Here is our selection of “you make me smile” quotes.

Thinking about you is enough to make me happy.

We can make each other happy irrespective of our backgrounds or beliefs.

It’s not that easy to be happy.

A smile expresses happiness.

We find joy in doing tasks for those we love.

You make me happy when things are tough.

What matters in a relationship is to make your partner happy.

You always bring a smile to my face.

Just thinking about being with you is enough to make me happy.

Having you in my life is all the fun I need.

Our loved ones lighten our moods.

A smile from a loved one makes us beam with happiness.

Whatever you do for me makes me happy.

You make it easy for me to accept myself the way I am.

I can’t thank you enough for how happy you make me.

Love soothes pain and brings happiness.

Your presence makes me happy even in tough times.

Because of you, my life feels like a fairytale.

I love you eternally – you’re my happiness.

True love seeks sustenance and yields immeasurable happiness.

Women have a powerful influence on their partners’ moods.

You can always inspire me to be happy.

No one can make me as happy as you do.

I treasure your presence in my life. You make me happy.

You’ve brought happiness and laughter into my life.

You are my joy.

You make my every day worthwhile.

Our love will only wax stronger.

You liven my whole day and make living worth it.

You are the source of my happiness.

These “you make me happy” quotes show us that there is nothing more beautiful in life than having someone who makes our hearts sing with joy. Life is so much more beautiful when we have someone to love.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of “u make me happy” quotes.

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