30 Wonderful Birthday Wishes for Cousins to Strengthen the Bond

The relationship with cousins has multiple dimensions – they are siblings, playmates, best friends. So, it’s understandable that you would want the best birthday wishes for a cousin to celebrate his special day. Therefore, we have collected the best birthday message for cousins and listed them below.

A cousin is a blessing to any family.

Having fun is the only objective of a cousin’s birthday.

An inspiring cousin deserves nothing but the best birthday.

No amount of fun or praise is undeserved while celebrating an endearing cousin’s birthday.

Dear cousin, you remind me of our cherished memories together.

Wishing the best birthday for the best cousin ever.

Don’t be so happy cousin, you are one year older today!

The way you treat all of life is a valuable example for everyone.

I hope all of my cousin’s dreams come true.

No matter when, past or future, I will always be there for you, cousin.

 I treasure every moment of us together, especially your birthday.

 May you continue to strive towards greatness, good cousin.

 I am blessed to have my cousin doubling up as my coolest friend.

May your birthday be a memorable one.

 This birthday marks the day you lost your youthful vigor!

I am waiting for the day you won’t be able to hide your age anymore.

Have you started forgetting things in your old age yet, old cousin?!

 Let’s party hard to forget the fact that you have lost another year.

 You are not just a cousin, you are my sister from another mother.

 Now that you turned 25, let’s find us a brother-in-law.

 May you continue to live a successful life throughout all of your years.

 Happy birthday to my cousin, an integral part of our family.

 It’s sad that I couldn’t attend my cousin’s birthday this year.

 No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to goof around together.

 May all your best characteristics also get better with age.

 Cousin, you are so amazing that we even feel like thanking your parents.

I simply have to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday!

 Don’t worry about the wishes that didn’t come true on your birthday.

 Even though you’re my cousin, we’re practically sisters. Best wishes today!

With your warm personality, you’re like a comforting cup of coffee.

As you get ready to throw or attend a super-duper birthday celebration for your cousin, you don’t have to worry about finding some equally awesome birthday wishes for cousin. We have sorted it out for you, including some fabulous birthday wishes for cousin sister. So, just copy the one you like and send it away.

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