30 Upcoming Birthday Wishes

Sometimes you get so excited when your loved ones’ birthdays are coming. And the enthusiasm is so high, it’s hard to wait for that festive day. We understand how you feel! So we created the cutest pre-birthday celebration quotes for you. Also, for that special someone, there are romantic birthday countdown quotes for love.

The countdown has begun, so I’m sending wishes every day until your day has come.

I tried hard and failed to wait for your birthday. Happy birthday in advance.

I’m wishing you a week early because I want to wish you twice.

It’s almost here, and I’m so excited. Four more days until your birthday.

Sending all my love your way for your upcoming birthday.

Special people’s birthday celebrations need to start early.

I’ll start celebrating your birthday today until your actual birthday comes.

I have planned the best birthday party for you.

I hope you enjoy receiving early happy birthday wishes.

I can’t let anyone else send a wish to you before I do.

May you receive everything you desire to achieve in life.

We’re nearing the time for to your birthday blast!

I don’t want to be late wishing my most favorite person. Happy early birthday greetings!

I have been preparing for your birthday for quite a while now.

I’m starting your birthday countdown race now, so no one can greet you before me.

Before I forget your birthday again, let me wish you now .

You’re so special that I want to celebrate your birthday this entire month.

I’m not fond of traditional birthday cards, but I love countdowns and random hugs.

Wishing once isn’t for me, so here’s an advance birthday wish.

Your special day is soon, and everything seems so beautiful to me.

I love planning for things early. So happy birthday wishes in advance.

I love you so much, I couldn’t wait for your birthday to greet you.

Since I can’t attend your birthday party, I want to celebrate early with you.

I can’t wait to wish you a happy early birthday! I love you so much!

Looking forward to your birthday, my love. It’s almost here.

In case Facebook does not remind me tomorrow, happy early birthday!

I will wish my special someone a happy birthday until their festive day.

I may be late for everything else, but not for my best friend’s birthday.

It will be your birthday soon, but I want to greet you in advance.

You’re very special to me, and that is why I’m wishing you before anyone else.

We hope you enjoyed the pre-birthday celebration quotes above. Be sure to send some to your special someone. And you can also put one in a cute Facebook post about them. Besides, birthdays come only once a year. So use that opportunity to greet those beautiful people in your life.

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