30 Time Quotes for Inspiration

Time is not a tangible commodity. Not even the richest man on earth can own it or reverse it. However, tt can be used to one’s advantage by utilizing it efficiently and through hard work. Those that have done so enjoyed the fruit of their labor as well as the smart choices they made at the right time. Some of them imparted their wisdom and guidance for us through their quotes about time either through a book or a speech given at a historic moment. We have compiled some of them to help inspire you to use your time in a better way and avoid so many mistakes that we unknowingly make on a daily basis.

Time is one investment that everyone has and is also the most important commodity that no one can afford to lose.

No matter how rich or powerful one becomes, they will never be able to control time.

Your entire future can change in just a matter of seconds – that’s how important time is.

Our only advantage is we choose what to do with our time. We can either use it wisely or waste every second of it.

We complain of not having enough time, but the truth is, we tend to waste a lot of it.

Patience tells you to wait, while time tells you to act now. Whatever you do, choose wisely.

Those that achieve great success have mastered the art of utilizing time wisely.

If you love your life, make every second count.

Be careful about who you give your time to, not many are worth it.

Make the most of your time, so that you are left with no regrets once it’s gone.

When we know how valuable time and life is, we learn to use it wisely rather than waste it.

You only live once, better do it on your terms.

Be mindful of the excuses you make to delay your most important tasks.

Do not waste time trying to define goodness. Use it wisely by acting it instead.

We do not lack the time to do what’s important, we lack the will and wisdom to do so.

Time that has gone leave us either memories or regrets.

If you waste time, it will come back and haunt you.

How we use each day, each hour and each minute impacts the direction of our lives.

Anything you do that gives you enjoyment and fulfilment can never be considered a waste of time.

The time we waste is like a debt we owe. The more we waste, the greater we’ll have to pay later on.

A good life is not about how long we live, it’s about how well we lived it.

If one has a purpose and direction, he won’t complain of lack of time.

Once you get your priorities straight, you will find time for everything you love.

We must do the right thing anytime and everytime.

Only truth will enjoy the test of time.

You will only learn to value your time when you have learned to value yourself.

Anytime is always the right time to do what is just and right. If we have dreams and goals to achieve, delaying them is a disservice to ourselves.

If you regret not doing something in the past, do it now so you will not regret not doing it again in the future.

Instead of wasting our time focusing on the problem, we should shift our focus on finding a solution. This will make our lives happier and less complicated.

We have enough time to fulfill our dreams, but we waste so much on unproductive habits.

We hope these time quotes have rightly emphasized the importance of time, how we waste it, and how we can better utilize it. Keep in mind that our lives are made of years, the years are made of months, the months composed of days and the days are built from hours, and so on. The longer we stick to petty excuses and indulge in time-wasting and unproductive activities, the more daunting our future will be. The successful people work through to midnight as they are determined to bring their dreams into reality. If you’ve wasted time frivolously, remember, it’s not yet too late. You need to start today and make the most of your time from now onwards.

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