30 Thoughtful Quotes by Famous Authors and Poets

Poetry and writing are intricate art, and undoubtedly poets and writers are the most valuable assets of a society. Through their masterpieces, they explore the forbidden aspects of the world. Furthermore, these great minds nurture their readers and educate them about life in the most beautiful way. Let’s explore these wise minds by going through quotes by famous authors and poets.

Read our collection of thought-provoking poet and author quotes and learn the true meaning of life.

A fool is foolish enough to think that he is wise.

There is no safe place.

Forgiving enemies is the best revenge.

Liking yourself and your work is true success.

You can’t succeed unless you work for it.

Jealousy is the disease of the soul.

The inability to accept differences leads you towards conflict.

You can’t live in this world unless you ignore reality.

True friendship is rarer than true love.

Every great thing begins with the contributions of a woman.

Choices show the true character of a person.

Imagination is the foundation of creativity.

You can’t become a writer if you can’t read.

Believing is a necessary element in order to be a part of a miracle.

Education enables you to listen to others without being offended.

Experience is superior to education.

Things aren’t real unless you experience them.

Humorous people are actually geniuses.

A person always fears the unknown.

Living a simple life is the most complicated thing.

A fool doesn’t accept his/her defeat due to optimism.

Even with evidence, you can’t persuade an idiot.

A wise person understands more than he listens.

The right contacts are more important than skills and intelligence.

Incomplete knowledge gives birth to fear.

Never judge a person without knowing their situation.

Keep evolving yourself if you want to live truly.

Expectations give rise to disappointments.

You always have a second chance in life.

A great leader feels true happiness on the success of his people.

You have to admit that not every poet or writer is a born artist. Poets spend hours to shape their thoughts as poetry, while writers study tirelessly to gain knowledge before writing. It is true to say that the majority of the famous writers and poets excel in their field through hard work and dedication. You can say that famous writers and poets teach us to be persistent and devoted to our passion.

Share these quotes from famous authors and poets with your friends and help them to explore the great minds of our time.

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