30 Relatable Not Happy Quotes and Sayings

It’s not unusual to feel unhappy and frustrated at different phases of life. However, most people feel miserable due to their lack of appreciation for the good things in their life. Remember that satisfaction and happiness is a state of mind that no one can buy for you. Only you are responsible for your contentment and inner peace. Have a look at famous not happy quotes and be thankful for your wonderful life.

Read our collection of feeling unhappy quotes and learn to be happy despite unfavorable circumstances.

Dancing makes you happy by releasing endorphins.

Your happiness isn’t the responsibility of others.

It’s hard to be happy if you had a sad and fearful childhood.

Forgive yourself if you want to be happy.

Change your path if you’re unhappy with your life.

The desire to be young forever kills your happiness.

Leave the people who ruin your happiness.

People don’t doubt when they are happy.

The ability to only see the negative side of life ruins your happiness.

Never sacrifice your own happiness to make others happy.

Stop undervaluing what you have if you want to be happy.

An unhappy person doesn’t appreciate the change in their life.

Unhappy folks suffer due to their conservative thinking.

It’s better to be alone than being in an unhappy relationship.

Unhappiness is the primary reason for your misery.

Change your life if you are not happy with what’s going on.

Be thankful for everything you have in life.

You can learn much from your unhappy customers.

Make friends if you want to be happy.

Change your life in order to get rid of unhappiness.

Love of mortal things makes people unhappy.

You can’t appreciate the value of happiness unless you’ve experienced unhappiness.

People are afraid to fall in love due to an unhappy ending.

Leave a person if he can’t make you happy.

Don’t waste your life on things that make you unhappy.

Change your life to make yourself happy.

Make efforts to make yourself happy.

A pessimistic person can’t find happiness.

It’s up to you to be happy or unhappy.

Complaining about unhappiness won’t bring happiness.

Being unhappy is one of the most undesirable emotions. Unhappiness also indicates that something is not right in your life. For instance, a lot of people don’t feel happy or satisfied due to their jobs, yet they work at the same company for years. Remember that your happiness is the result of your actions.

Share these “I’m not happy” quotes with your friends and inspire them to be grateful and happy in their lives.

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