30+ Quotes to Help You Wait on Love

Love is beautiful. Perfect love is the ultimate dream for a majority of people. When people get together to share their beautiful moments together, the spirit is nourished and the soul is refreshed – it is the epitome of healthy living. To enjoy the beauty of love, sometimes you will have to exercise patience whilst drawing comfort from waiting for someone quotes.

Here are 30 waiting for love quotes that should encourage you to not give up on love.

Being in love is the best thing ever.

Learn to accept people the way they are.

Don’t force love. Be patient.

Time will eventually heal all your wounds.

When you get the opportunity, utilize it. Don’t let it escape your grasp.

Hope makes waiting for something or someone more fun and bearable.

When you love, expect some tough times.

Being in limbo is terrible. Being in limbo because of love is even worse.

Don’t be afraid to express love to those who love you.

What is yours will be yours eventually.

If you want the best things in life, don’t just wait, go get them.

Do your part and let the rest fall into place.

We only exercise patience with what we care about most.

Don’t push people away. They will create fault even with your tiny deeds.

Have the vision to back up your hope.

Perfection is not everything.

There is always that one. And when you find them, you will just know.

In love, it is particularly difficult to balance wants and needs.

Focus on making yourself better. Your perfect match will come.

You need to move on!

You will know when “you can’t even” without them.

In love, you should be willing to wait for as long as possible.

True love is worth fighting for.

You should value the people in your life.

To find the right one, you must be willing to make sacrifices.

Love will happen when the time is right.

Don’t lose track of what’s important while looking for love. Life has to continue.

Waiting can hurt, but it is often worth it.

Being patient counts because you don’t lose much.

Great things in life happen if you are willing to make even greater sacrifices.

There is always torment that accompanies waiting for love. Minutes seem like hours, days seem longer, and months look like years. But sometimes the patient and gentle soul that has loved someone has to master the art explained in waiting-for-you quotes before the love can reciprocate. The wait is usually sweet when you are assured that it’s only temporary. But it is unbearable if you don’t know the outcomes of your waiting. These 30 best waiting for love quotes should help you get yourself together.

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