30+ Quotes and Sayings on Stupidity

Some people are put on this earth to challenge you and test your anger management skills. We find ourselves among stupid people every day and we must remember to try and control our anger since people can’t really manage their stupidity. Having to deal with stupidity is an ordeal, and to make things a bit better we’ve assorted a list of the top 30 stupidity quotes that we’re sure you’ll relate to.

Stupidity is as destructive as an earthquake.

Great things are achieved by accident sometimes.

You are the stupid one if you start a fight with a stupid person.

Stupid people never suspect their deficiency.

Coping with stupidity takes a lot of patience.

Stupidity is standing by and not doing anything.

Only stupid people claim to know everything.

Wise men always look for ways to forge friendships.

There is no shame in asking questions.

No war has the power to end all wars.

A team of stupid people is a force to be reckoned with.

Stupidity is quite prevalent.

We are putting the earth in danger due to our selfishness.

Ignorance is worse than stupidity.

Human stupidity is impossible to measure.

The world accepts you the way you want to be accepted.

A person’s mental intelligence is affected by his circle of friends.

Always think before you speak.

There’s nothing worse than a group of stupid people.

It is easy to make fun of the Internet, but harder to be wise.

Some people are genuinely stupid.

If only being stupid was a crime.

Stupidity is evil waiting to happen.

Education doesn’t guarantee wisdom.

A man’s insight affects his thought process.

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all.

Only fools are sure about everything.

Sometimes, we must be stupid and follow our hearts.

Stupid people often harm themselves and others.

Sadly, getting rid of stupidity is difficult.

We hope you enjoyed our assortment of the top 30 quotes about stupidity. We might try our best but it really is difficult to knock the stupidity out of someone. Therefore, we must be patient and look the other way. After all, life is too short to argue with stupid people.

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