30 Quotes About Age to Remind You That Age Is Just a Number

Age is a mental construct. We are made to believe that one should look, behave, and act in a certain way at a specific age. If we stop believing in these limitations, age will not affect us. These quotes about age prove our point perfectly.

The only thing you should remember is that age is just a number. Here is our selection of quotes for you to enjoy:

Age only matters if you care too much about it.

Being young is a state of mind.

Don’t allow your age to limit you in any way.

Don’t allow your age to define you.

Getting older in age doesn’t guarantee an increase in maturity.

Age matters only if you’re a bottle of wine.

You can attain greatness at any age.

It’s not your age that matters, but how strongly you believe in your dream.

After a certain point, age can start turning into a mindset.

Your age isn’t just about the state of your body.

It takes time for one to develop maturity.

It’s your temperament and health that affect your age.

There is nothing glorious about getting old.

Quite often people grow old without becoming wise.

Age can help us get in touch with our inner child.

Our attitude towards life differs with age.

With time, you realize that actions matter more than words.

Old age is often the greatest disease of all.

You must start young if you want to become successful.

Age can’t diminish our inner child.

Old men become similar to little children.

Your maturity does not depend on your age.

Relish every moment of life.

Great men become even better with time.

Love can keep you feeling youthful.

Greatness is not limited by age.

You can be any age you like.

Your definition of what it means to be old can change yearly.

Hold on to your inherent sense of curiosity if you want to remain young.

Become happier with every passing year instead of getting old.

These quotes about age show us that at any given point in life, we are as old as we believe. It is important to remain curious and goal-oriented in order to remain youthful. It’s also crucial to love others and allow yourself to be loved.

We hope you were inspired by our collection of “age is just a number” quotes.

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