30 No Luck Quotes and Bad Luck Quotes

Luck is an invisible force that seems to influence the success and failures of a person to a great extent. For instance, if you managed to pass a tough exam despite less time for preparation, you are considered lucky. But you must not forget that hard work and dedication are the binding factors behind every lucky person. Let’s have a look at famous “no luck or bad luck sayings” to learn more about luck.

Read our collection of “no luck or bad luck quotes” and motivate yourself to survive your unlucky days.

Sometimes, a bit of bad luck is a blessing in disguise.

Luck doesn’t play a role in chess.

Determination and drive are more important than luck in business.

Work hard instead of depending on luck for your success.

Luck can’t help you with keeping a job.

Success is the outcome of hard work.

Sometimes, being the best is really bad luck.

Spiders are a symbol of bad luck after midnight.

Superstition brings bad luck.

We always feel that we have no luck.

Never stop working hard for the sake of luck.

Work hard to avoid bad luck.

One man’s good luck is bad luck for another.

Bad decisions lead to bad luck.

Bad luck either destroys or polishes a person.

Bad luck is hard to forget.

Fools encounter bad luck more often.

Mistakes are the main reason for your bad luck.

Comfort is the biggest trap in life.

Bad luck doesn’t mean you made a bad plan.

People blame bad luck for the difficulties in their life.

Everyone has to face some bad luck.

Bad luck also makes you lucky to some extent.

Consider yourself lucky if you’ve survived your lousy luck.

Luck makes a person good or bad.

You are unlucky if you failed to ditch your bad luck.

Defeat is portrayed as bad luck.

All bad luck eventually comes to an end.

Your attitude determines your luck.

You can have unlucky days despite the hard work.

In old times, people were superstitious and they used to blame every unfortunate event in their lives to unseen forces. With time, these forces summed up together in a universal concept of luck. However, today we know that there’s nothing like good or bad luck. These are just availed and missed opportunities in life. Those who grab more opportunities due to their hard work are considered luckier than others.

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