30 Motivational Wishes for Surgery That Will Give Strength to a Patient

Surgery, no matter how big or small, is a scary procedure to go through. So, the patient who needs to go under the knife for treatment could do with some nice wishes for surgery. Not only would these quotes for someone undergoing surgery show how much you care, but they would also help the patient overcome their fear.

It takes a lot of courage to agree to surgery.

I know that surgery is not a fun thing to go through.

I am eagerly waiting for you to get out of surgery in better shape.

Can’t wait for your swift recovery after the surgery.

I am sure you would get back to your good health quickly.

Now that the surgery is dealt with, it’s time for you to cheer up.

We are delighted to learn that your surgery didn’t cause you much pain.

All of us here are praying for your quick recovery from surgery.

Just consider surgery as a means to get stronger and fitter.

Don’t hesitate to ask for anything you need throughout your recovery.

 Just concentrate on your surgery and leave me to do all your prayers.

 Nobody deserves painless surgery and recovery more than you.

 Get done with the surgery and recover soon.

 Going through surgery was very brave of you.

 Take care of yourself post-surgery and get well as soon as possible.

One positive thing about the surgery is that everybody will be at your service.

 Don’t forget to build healthy food and medication habits after surgery.

 As long as you remain positive, your surgery recovery will be quick.

 Nobody likes surgery, but it is unavoidable sometimes.

 Don’t worry about your plans, this surgery will be over pretty soon.

May God guide the doctors to a successful surgery.

Nobody, let alone this surgery, could weaken your enthusiasm for life.

 May our prayers for your smooth surgery be accepted by the Lord.

 Don’t worry, my prayers for your quick recovery won’t be in vain.

 As the worst of surgery is over, focus on your recovery.

 I am eagerly waiting to meet you after your surgery.

 I can’t express how much I care for your quick recovery from surgery.

 Nothing made me feel as relieved as the news of your successful surgery.

 I pray that each day after surgery makes you stronger.

 It’s brilliant to hear that your surgery was one of the most precise.

The person who needs surgery goes through a combination of fear and anxiety. Therefore, send as many wishes for surgery as you can to cheer them up. If you decide to post a photo with the patient instead, you can also use these wordings as a caption for before surgery wishes images.

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