30+ Best Stealing Quotes

Stealing is an act we all hate, but some of us, sadly, commit. Stealing can become a habit that destroys lives. A person who steals and gets caught will forever be untrustworthy; don’t be that person. Read and learn from the following steal quotes.

Some people think stealing can be justified.

All types of stealing is theft.

Never waste good ideas.

Stealing is something you should never attempt.

Art has a hint of stealing.

The state of the person you steal from does not matter.

The way stealing is dealt with can be hypocritical.

Kings are usually thieves.

Time is always more valuable than money.

Don’t let people steal your thoughts.

If your freedom is taken, you’re allowed to steal it back.

Even innocence can be stolen.

Bad behaviors are well-spread.

If you trust your god, you shouldn’t steal.

The thief only steals from himself.

Thank God, stealing is not easy.

Everything is valuable for thieves.

Educated thieves steal better.

If you have to steal, make it worthwhile.

Stealing comes in different shapes and forms.

Acting will encourage you to steal at some point.

Stealing is a matter of power.

Only those who are lazy tend to steal.

Stealing is not acceptable in any religion.

If it’s already yours, it’s not stealing.

Some justify stealing as a fair way society should run by.

Even if you steal from the best, you won’t have what makes them the best.

Sadly, good ideas are easy to steal.

Some might find it easy to steal the lives of others.

A thief will always be a thief, no matter his financial state.

The above quotes about stealing will teach you what stealing is, how it’s seen by society, and when it can be acceptable. Always be honest with yourself and others, and find other ways to get things, rather than stealing.

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