29+ Addiction Quotes to Help You Cope

The majority of people struggle with addiction of some kind. May it be mild or severe. But addiction in every form is harmful. Some can be downright dangerous. Here are 30 addiction quotes that could hopefully help you cope or change your mindset.

It might take time, but eventually you’ll get there.

After all is said and done, the end will justify the means.

To improve yourself, you must admit that your life is in need of change.

Always be proud of the little steps you make in life.

You may never get the opportunity to do a thing again once you give it up.

Self-motivation is the perfect tool to fight addictions.

If you don’t have the willpower to get things done, you won’t go far.

The fruits of your struggles are worth fighting for.

Let people around you know your feeling to help you face your fears.

You can choose to live through the struggles and be stronger

Your desire to finish should be greater than the challenges you are facing.

Change begins when the individual is almost ready for it.

The goal is to be able to do things even when we’re full of fear.

Even what is considered harmless can be harmful sometimes.

Heaven and hell on earth can be your own making.

Once you start, everything else falls into place.

Do not bother yourself with negatives.

Success is also defined by the milestones you reached.

Tasks always appear difficult until you take the first step.

Anything that has total control of you is dangerous.

We should believe that we are complete in every aspect of our existence.

When pleasure becomes a form of numbing the pain, it’s addiction.

It is necessary to get the full story about someone before you judge.

The problem with addiction is that it affects everyone close by.

The damage that addictions do to the body can last longer than you think.

Alcohol can lead to serious health problems.

You are wholly and wonderfully made.

Some quotes about addiction explain that every perception we have begins in the brain.

Illegal drugs are harmful but so are gluttony and greed.

A lot is involved in changing an addiction hence the reason for the numerous addiction quotes. It is not something you get rid of overnight. But through determination and willingness to learn, you can overcome your struggles. Certainly, listening and reading encouraging sayings about addiction can be a step towards changing your mind and perspective for the better.

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