25 Best Coco Chanel Quotes to Inspire Your Creativity

As a French woman born in the world war I era, Coco Chanel was a pioneer of change that went beyond couture clothing. She is still an icon in the design industry, and her name is always on the lips of buyers who have an in-depth understanding of fashion. Her journey into supremacy is one that every person should admire and look up to.

To celebrate her legacy, we have collected some of the best Coco Channel quotes to inspire your everyday activities. We hope these Chanel quotes will inspire and motivate you to chase your dreams.

Success is for those who don’t have the word failure in their dictionary.

Fashion is everywhere.

Make your own choices, based on your own rules.

The best things in life don’t cost a lot.

There are few who can create, but many who use.

The look we choose is based on how well we live and make choices.

How one dresses reflects who they are.

Being different is key to being who you wish to be.

There is no time to be lazy around, just time to be your best you.

Self-education is the best form of acquiring knowledge.

Class is just but a few things that define a woman.

Don’t waste time on things that are not worth the struggle.

Boredom never leaves; passion is subject to change.

The best thing you can do is stop caring what other people think.

Men are important aspects of a woman’s life.

The ability to take control is what separates the extraordinary from the ordinary.

Fashion has the power to affect behaviour.

Always shoot for the stars.

Fashion is all about reaching a greater audience.

All fashion has a starting point.

Don’t let age trouble you; always try to be the happiest version of yourself.

Hard times call for genuineness in what you do.

Being someone you can be proud of is all that matters.

Always aspire to create a life that will make you happy.

Fashion is art.

Did you love the quotes of Coco Channel? If you did enjoy the Coco Channel quotes, then you have learnt a lot about the power of creativity, hard work, and passion for what you do. We should all try to have the aspiration to make a change in our lives.

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